The experienced and versatile personnel associated with SHRISTI are eminently suited to undertake action-oriented research and consultancy assignments in the areas listed.

Policy Research and Development Planning

  • Welfare objective and criteria
  • National sectoral and regional planning
  • Micro planning at district, block and enterprise level
  • Socio- economic development of special areas
  • Identifying the needs of affected person and communities and in endangered community participation
  • Identifying, designing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating projects, which focus on poverty reduction
    Project Appraisal on Social Relevance
  • Social cost – benefit analysis
  • Economic Research
  • Evaluation of on-going socio-economic projects.
  • Improving the small scale/cottage industries

Study of Infrastructure and Social Services

  • Energy : Irrigation and Water Management
  • Transport : Handicrafts
  • Health : Education and Training Programme
  • Water supply and Sanitation : Population
  • Environmental Protection & Pollution Control : Disaster Management
  • Tourism

Survey Research

  • Different types of studies related to Safety, Health and Environment
  • Social Research
  • Techno-economic Raw Material and Socio-potential Survey
  • Opinion Survey and Audience Research
  • Tourism Related Surveys and Studies
  • Demographic Survey
  • Handicraft Survey
  • Consumer Behavior Survey
  • Sectoral Study on Small Scale Industries/Cottage Industries

Data Bank, Forecasting and Model Building

Exchange of Forum of Views and Ideas

  • Dissemination of Information of social Values
  • Publication and Distribution of Books, Brochures, Paper and Periodicals
  • Promotion of Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, Discussions
  • Groups and Occasional Lectures

Shristi has been formed to provide research services to:

  • Central and state governments and other public agencies
  • Public and private sector undertakings
  • National and foreign professional and academic bodiesIn addition, Shristi is interested in:

    Undertaking socially relevant independent research

  • Organising seminars, workshops and conferences
  • Providing an institutional base for professionals to work and collaborate with international level organisations such as UN and its associate institutions, export promotion councils, various ministries etc
  • Organizing orientation and training programs in focus sectors