Mandla-Queen Kiln

Queen Kiln/Coal is a low cost coal or wood fired furnace, made with red brick & clay. The 'Queen' kiln sinters (baking) all kinds of potteries/terracotta such as handicrafts, domestic earthenware, roof tiles, water filters etc. at uniform high temperature (800-9000C) in order to obtain good quality and long life of potteries. The kiln operates by dual fuels, such as low grade coal or wood. It reduces 60% fuel consumption & sintering period, 70% pollution & labour over the traditional pottery kilns. Breakage of the potteries during sintering is almost nil.

SHRISTI was supported by who are involved in income generating and capacity building activities in backward and rural areas to implement new technology based proposals relevant to these areas. The ensuing project was based on CSIR 800 Technologies for conducting entrepreneurship development programme under North east and Rural development scheme on “Promotion of Entrepreneurship in Backward and Rural Areas through Innovative Appropriate Technologies (PEBRT)”


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