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A design workshop to provide free training facilities to the under-privileged segment, both men and women was organised at the Kali Mandir in Chittaranjan Park, New Delhi for 10 days from 31st of March to 10th of April, 1998. The workshop was sponsored by Development Commissioner, Handicrafts, Government of India, organised by NIFT, under the Ministry of Textiles and in coordination with SHRISTI. The workshop was organised to provide training for making of various products based on jute.


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Mandla-Queen Kiln

Queen Kiln/Coal is a low cost coal or wood fired furnace, made with red brick & clay. The 'Queen' kiln sinters (baking) all kinds of potteries/terracotta such as handicrafts, domestic earthenware, roof tiles, water filters etc. at uniform high temperature (800-9000C) in order to obtain good quality and long life of potteries. The kiln operates by dual fuels, such as low grade coal or wood. It reduces 60% fuel consumption & sintering period, 70% pollution & labour over the traditional pottery kilns. Breakage of the potteries during sintering is almost nil.

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Socio-Economic And Living Conditions of Artisans of Sarkanda Craft in Haryana

The craftsmanship has been adding to the society from both cultural and economic angles. The cultural importance of artisans pertains to preservation of heritage, aesthetic richness of traditional skills and talents, their relevance to people's history and life styles and their role on unifying factor in our culture.

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SHRISTI is a registered society under the Societies Registration Act of 1860 (Punjab Amendment Act 1957) as extended to the Union Territory of Delhi.

The organisation was established by Late Sh. Sudipto Mukherjee, a very talented and visionary chemical engineer with the objective of enhancing socio-economic conditions in rural as well as urban background through appropriate interventions and capacity building. It was co-founded by a group of social scientists, engineers, technical specialists and informed social workers who had vast inter-disciplinary experience of professional work

Today, with the experienced and versatile team, Shristi is eminently suited to undertake action-oriented research, capacity building and project implementation in area of:
1. Handicrafts
2. Health & Environment
3. Education